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Vibin' Virtually

Hands-on IOT Workshop

A very good understanding of Internet of Things (IoT) and its exploding applications.

Event type: Technical
Participation: All departments 
Platform: Zoom
Date/Time: 22nd January
Registration Fees: Rs.500/person

Description :
IOTs have created a great impact on industrial revolution. So it becomes necessary to equip with the current industrial technologies. The pervasive nature of hooking anything to the Internet opens up a new era of imagination and deployment for a connected world with endless possibilities.


Session 1:
Introduction to IOT, Building your own IOT system
o Introduction to IOT (Definition, what is IOT?)
o Typical IOT system and how it works?
o Different Types of IOT System
o IOT Protocols
o System – Smart System – IOT System
o IOT Opportunities & Challenges
o IOT Applications
o Components of IoT System
o Introduction to Electronic system
o Preparing Sensor Node
o Overview of Non OS and OS based Hardware
o Software Programming in IOT
o Communication Models
o Data Analytical (AI – Basics)

Session 2:
Hands-on- IOT implementation using MQTT & HTTP protocols
o MQTT Basics: Establishing MQTT clients as publisher / subscriber and connect to the broker to exchange messages using MQTT Protocol send and receive data from Eclipse cloud server.
o Use your IOT end device as one of the client and mobile app /desktop version of MQTT client as another client
o Using HTTP protocol send data to cloud server
o Visualize the data in mobile app & Cloud server

System requirements:
- OS – windows 7 and more.
-Minimum disk space 4GB
-Online software link will be available for the participants.

Contact Info :
RISHIRAM.M: 7339107604
LOKESHWARAN: 8608594658
SARVESH S.V: 9843409159

BIM - REVIT Architecture

A Unique workshop by the Department of Civil Engineering

Event type: Technical
Participation: Civil Engineering and Architecture Students 
Topic: BIM-Revit Architecture
Platform: Zoom/GMeet
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 11am to 2pm
Registration Fees: Rs.100/participant

Excited about making intelligent virtual models of buildings and diverse infrastructures? Curious to analyze, design and visualize your models using Virtual Reality? You’ve come to the right place! Join us in learning the most sought-of BIM software – Revit Architecture and simulate digital models.

General Instructions:
• Participants will be given theoretical and practical training in Revit Architecture software by expert trainers from Construction Management Training Institute (CMTI), Bengaluru, a professional organization aimed at training students for overall development as a civil engineering professional
• Participants should ensure they have proper internet connection
• Participants will receive a certificate of participation on attending the workshop

Contact Info :
Janani J: 9600478222
Deenadayalan G: 9841734684

Workshop on Space Biology

A Unique Workshop by the Department of Bio-Medical Engineering

Event type: Technical
Participation: Any department 
Platform: Zoom/Google Meet
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 9am to 1pm
Registration Fees: Rs.100/participant

Event Description:
Does the engineering and other aspects of space travel intrigue you? Have you wondered how it affects the living systems in spacecrafts? Our one-day workshop is exactly what you need! IEEE EMBS offers you this exciting opportunity to explore and learn more about space biology.

The participants will be sent a mail with the meeting ID ,link, required software and download instructions days before the workshop.
Required reference materials will be forwarded to the participants.

Contact Info :
Nanthini N: 9962908805
Varsha Seshadri: 8489663279


A Hackathon by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 2-4. Any department 
Platform: Discord and Google Meet
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 10.30am to Jan 23rd 2.00pm
Registration Fees: Rs.250/team
Last day for submission of abstract: Jan 09, 2021
Link for submission: https://forms.gle/yJbny4UVt5C3fLA39
Rules for submission: Submit the final presentation in PDF format only.
No need to pay the general registration fee to submit abstracts.
Only the shortlisted teams will be contacted to pay and register.

General Instructions:
- It is not necessary that all participants must be from same institute.
- All the team members should have proper internet connection.
- Abstracts should be submitted on or before Jan 09 2021, 6PM.
- The teams with the best abstracts will be shortlisted for the Hackathon.
- Teams of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people are allowed.
- Participants are required to have their own components and software.
- Mentorship for technical skills will be given.
- Participants are supposed to build their product during the Hackathon.
- Product will be judged based on Innovation, Impact, Feasibility and Marketability.
- Product can be a mix of hardware and software technologies, but can be purely software or hardware based as well.
- Participants are requested to register their team and send in their abstract before the deadline using the form (will be provided soon).
- Participants are allowed to use existing libraries or components, however only the work done during the 24hrs will be considered for evaluation.

Domains for Problem Statement:
- Data Security
- Medical and Healthcare
- Software Development
- Robotics
- Student innovation 


Day 1:
10.30 AM – Virtual meet set up
11.30 AM – Introduction
12.00 PM – Hackathon starts
04.00 PM – First Review

Day 2:
01.00 AM – Second Review
08.00 AM – Third Review
12.00 PM – Hackathon ends
12.30 PM – Final Presentation
03.30 PM – Valedictory


First Review:
- Teams are expected to explain their problem statement and the workflow of their solution.
- In this round, teams will be evaluated based on the novelty of their problem statement and the clarity in their approach.

Second Review:
- This review is a checkpoint to track the team’s progress. 
- The reviewers will give their input and their thoughts on the team’s solution and changes if there are any. 

Third Review:
- Teams are expected to implement the changes given in the previous review by the reviewers.
- In this round, the teams are reviewed based on their progress in accordance with their proposed workflow and closeness to completion of the project.

Final Presentation:
- In this round, teams will be evaluated based on presentation, ability to explain their idea and innovation in their solution.
- Teams which address the marketability of their product will be awarded additional points. 
- The hackathon will follow a leader board system. The points awarded will be the cumulative points, gained by the team over the three reviews and final presentation. The top team will be announced as the winner of the hackathon.

Decision taken by the review panel will be final. 

Contact Info :
Raj Vignesh K: 8939635828
Poojah G: 9840685554

Workshop on E-Vehicles

A Unique workshop by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Event type: Technical
Participation: Any department 
Platform: TBD
Date/Time: TBD
Registration Fees: TBD

Its almost 2021! And yes we are trying to adapt ourselves to the new normal. And the future for
automobile is electric vehicle, a revolution in the automobile sector.
With the raising demand for research and development on the field of EV’s it has a great impact in
the forthcoming generations. Now, from your home at the new normal, is it possible to know about
things related to EV’s. Yes it is. SSN College Of Engineering, Department of EEE presents workshop
on Electric Vehicle and Battery Management System!! to enlighten your minds with flourishing
knowledge for EV.
Are you a person who wants to know about the insights of electric vehicles and battery management
system. Here is a opportunity to learn and explore the insights of those and have your doubts
clarified regarding the same!
Grab your seats, as this is one opportunity where you can directly come across the Giants in person
from the comfort of your home.
Get ready to learn and explore stuffs related to E-Vechicles from the comfort of your home!

Contact Info :
Shriraam V: 7358751923
Santhoosh Aravind S: 9952046679