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Paper Presentation

Want to unleash your project ideas and technical findings? Present yours and get quality comments from experts in that domain.

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-4, Mechanical department 
Platform: Zoom/GMeet
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 9am to 1pm

● Only a maximum of 4 authors and only student authors allowed.
● Initially, the paper abstract must be sent through the mail.
● Shortlisted teams based on abstracts will be called for presentation.
● The shortlisted teams must send their research papers through the mail. The instructions are as follows:
● The subject must be the title of the paper.
● The body of the email should include- Name and Institute of the participant (from the first author till the fourth one), Department and Year, Contact numbers, Email addresses. 
● Paper as an attachment. 
● The paper must be in two columns IEEE format. This format must be strictly adhered to. The paper length must be limited to 6 pages.
● The paper must be in .pdf format.
● Plagiarism is a very serious consideration. Only original research works accepted. 

● Manufacturing
● Thermal
● Design
● Robotics 

(Duration: 8m/presentation)

Contact Info :
Karthik C: 8825882813
Mahendran P:7550236989

Project Exhibition

Want to showcase your project models? Our expo brings you the perfect platform. Welcome to the Mechanical Project Expo of Invente 5.0.

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-4, Any department
Platform: Zoom/GMeet
No. of Rounds: 1
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 9am to 12pm

Rules and Instructions:
1. Registration for the event must be done through the provided platform viz. Google forms, Google Sheets, etc.
2. The projects can be from any field in Mechanical Engineering.
3. A team can either present their projects live in the zoom meeting or send a recorded video explaining the project (video length is 8 min. max)
4. After the presentations, participants must be present in the zoom meeting as judges can ask questions.
5. Winners of the contest will be decided based on the evaluation by the judges. 

Contact Info :
Anirudh Selvam: 9445615597
Durai Raj: 8220709147

Design Contest

Think you're a design expert? Here's a place where you can put your designing skills to the test! Create models and assemble them to win exciting prices!!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-3, Mechanical department
Platform: Google Forms, Gmail, Zoom
No. of Rounds: 3
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 10am to 4pm

Round 1: QUIZ
● The google forms will be sent to the email ID of the team lead at the start time of the event.
● The Quiz will have 15 questions. Depending on the difficulty level of the question the marks will be allocated. For wrong answers, marks will be deducted.
● Top ‘n’ students will qualify for the next round.
● Question type: All MCQ questions. Questions will be based on design concepts.

(Duration: 20m)

Round 2: Drawing
● Question papers will be sent to the email ID of the selected teams’ lead.
● Questions will be based on Engineering Graphics concepts.
● Participants must have A3 size paper and accurate pencil-type must be used for appropriate lines.
● One drawing per team is sufficient. All team members need not draw.
● The solution should be sent to the event heads.
● The evaluation will be based on the accuracy of features, time, and neatness.
● The judge’s decision will be final.

(Duration: 30m)

Round 3: Presntation of Modelling and Assembly
● Zoom link will be provided to the email ID of the selected teams’ lead.
● Questions will be given in the zoom meeting.
● Modeling software which can be used: AutoCAD
● The teams need to model all the parts and create an assembly.
● This needs to be presented(in 5 – 10mins) explaining each part in PPT
● The presentation(PPT) should include all parts individually and the final assembly.
● Providing applications of the component will boost the score.
● After completion, the final assembly has to be shown in the software by screen sharing.
● The evaluation will be based on accuracy, time taken to complete the full assembly, and quality of presentation.
● The judge’s decision will be final. 

Contact Info :
Nagalakshmi S: 8248467420
Karthick S: 9789045735


Think you got what it takes to be a Mechanical Engineer? Put your knowledge to the ultimate test with a Technical Triathalon. Mechathalon in Invente 5.0 is the perfect culmination of your learnings put to the test.

Event type: Technical
Participation: Individual, Mechanical department
Platform: GMeet, Zoom
No. of Rounds: 4
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 10am to 3pm

Round 1: Quiz
● First, all participants are asked to join a Zoom meeting for giving Instructions.
● The quiz is created in google forms and added to a free timer google workspace app called ‘Quilgo’
● Official email IDs are asked to be sent in the chat box, and the quiz link is sent to them.
● They are asked to attempt the quiz and meeting is closed.
● The quiz contains 30 questions with 16 technical and (7+7) aptitude and general knowledge.
● Technical questions are taken from SOM, FM, Thermal, Design, KOM, DOM.

Round 3: Group Discussion
● Group discussion will be conducted and judged by one or two faculty members.
● Zoom or Google Meet platform can be used for this round depending on the preference of the faculty.
● 3 sessions with 5 students in each session will attend the GD.
● The top 3 students will be selected from the entire round and they will be the finalists.

Round 2: Quiz
● In case the number of participants is 60+, the number of shortlisted students will 25+. In this scenario, we will further shortlist the candidates by conducting an oral quiz.
● An oral quiz will be conducted on the Zoom platform in groups of 6 or 7. Students will be allotted a number from 1 to 6 (or 7).
● Questions will be asked orally and if a student knows an answer, he/she will post his own number in the chatbox. The first person to get the correct answer wins a point.
● Videos of the participants should be ON for this round.
● If more than 20 seconds pass and no one has an answer, we move to the next question.
● 15 students are shortlisted from this quiz

Round 4: Interview
● The interview is held by a committee of professors
● The finalists enter the Zoom chat room one by one to attend the Interview.
● One winner is selected by the professors. 

Contact Info :
Sruthi Mahalakshmi E: 97904 65355
Thirumagal V: 9962774936

3D Printing

Think u can transform your ideas into reality? Let's print 3D. Join us to showcase your talent and bring your imagination to life.

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-3, Any department
Platform: TBD
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 10am to 3pm

Round 1: Idea Submission
In this round, participants have to submit a brief draft explaining their idea, utility, novelty, and answering a few questions like why 3d printing for the proposed idea instead of conventional processes, the time required for manufacturing, cost of manufacturing, and so on. 

Round 2: Final
● The top 5 teams will be shortlisted from round 1 for the final round.
● In this round, the modelling skills, slicing ability, and the quality of the print will be evaluated.
● The finalists have to explain the full design and slicing parameters while submitting the final model along with the g-code file obtained after slicing.
● There is a time limit for printing, so slicing must be done accordingly. 

Contact Info :
Aditya Bucha: 8493839461
Roshan P N: 9003827183

Technical Jam

Masters of eloquent discourse and virtuosos of the mechanical realm. 
We bring to you the brand new technical event, JUST A MINUTE.
So think fast and live in the moment to get out of this JAM.

Event type: Technical
Participation: Individual, Mechanical department
Platform: Discord/Zoom
No. of Rounds: 3
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 10am to 3pm

Round 1
Participants pick numbers, each number corresponds to a particular topic and they must speak about the same for one minute.
To ensure that participants do not recite from google, face cams will be switched on.
If participants do not have enough knowledge about a particular topic, they will be given the opportunity of selecting another topic and if the same problem persists, they will be eliminated.
Top ‘n’ (depending upon the number of participants) will be shortlisted for round 2
Topics will be chosen from mechanical engineering domains. 

Round 2
In round 2, all participants will be given a list of topics and be asked to select the one they wish to speak about in accordance with their performance in round 1, with the best performing candidate being able to select his/her topic first.
No topic once selected can be selected again.
Top-performing participants will be shortlisted for round 3.
Topics will be chosen from mechanical engineering domains 

Round 3
In round 3, judges will allocate topics to participants and they will be asked to speak for as long as possible without repeating any prior point.
They will be judged according to the time spoken, fluency, and relevance to the given topic with the best performing candidates being awarded the prizes.
The chosen topics will be from mechanical engineering domains.

Contact Info :
Khushi Agarwal: 7338942197
Raghasudhan K: 9791104715

e-Treasure Hunt

Puzzles, Patterns, Ciphers.. rings any bell? That's right.. Join us for Treasure Hunt this year completely online and show us what your hidden sherlock could do and win exciting prizes.

Event type: Non Technical
Participation: Teams of 2, Any department
Platform: Google Forms, Zoom
No. of Rounds: 3
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 12pm to 4pm

Round 1
● Round 1 contains 15 questions from aptitude and logical reasoning. No negative marking
● This will be conducted using Google forms, use the email id with which you have registered.
● Only one member from a team is allowed to take part in this round, they can discuss within themselves using modes they prefer.
● Each round has eliminations. The teams with the most number of correct answers will proceed to the next round. In case of a tie, the fastest team will be selected. 

(Duration: 20m)

Round 2
● This Round will be conducted using the Zoom platform, the link to which will be provided for the selected teams of Round 1. The names (Zoom handle) of the participants should be the same as given during the registration.
● The aim of this round is to tickle your thinking with a series of fun games and activities, making your brains active for the final round.
● This is a passive buzzer round where the point goes to the first team with the correct answer (In the chatbox).
● Both the team members can be present in the meeting for this round.
● The games include our own twist on the popular game charades along with general trivia and so on.
● The teams with the most points will be selected for the final round.

(Duration: 30m)

Round 3
● This round contains a variety of riddles and puzzles to solve, which when done in a sequence will lead to the final treasure. The first team to report their finding will be announced as the winner.
● Each team will be provided with a link to a website.
● Both the team members can be logged into the website and can solve the puzzle’s side by side, but only one team member should report their final treasure. ● The website contains a storyline and puzzles are given at each and every crucial part of the story, upon solving them you will get the clue to solve the next puzzle, finally leading to the end.
● The puzzles will contain a variety of concepts from cryptology(the hints and resources will be provided so don’t worry if you are not familiar with the concepts)
● In case if none of the teams finish the game within the stipulated time, the team nearest to the final stage will be the winner.

(Duration: 30m)

Contact Info :
Rahul K: 7395999363
Survesh S: 9789014106


Coke vs Pepsi, Adidas vs Puma, Ford vs GM and so on" If you are a "THEYYA VELAI SEIYUM KUMARU " when it to comes to analyzing a product, then this is your contest. Welcome to the brand new competition "Prosuchen" @ Invente 5.0!! The Quest for best Analysts!! Splendid cash prizes up for grabs!!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 3, Any department
Platform: Zoom
No. of Rounds: 3
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 9am to 4pm

● Each team receives a unique product and is expected to analyze it among the various brands available in the market on several parameters.
● A detailed datasheet is to be submitted within the stipulated time. Teams with the best scores will proceed further. 

Round 2: THE PITCH
● Shortlisted teams will compete 1v1 on a specific product. A comprehensive study and presentation are to be prepared.
● The teams need to pitch their product and the best team will be awarded.
● During the due course of the event, several short interesting fun activities will be conducted.

Each registered team has to complete a set of tasks testing their analytical and marketing skills. A complete study of the given product has to be undertaken and presented by the participants.

Evaluating Criteria:
Quality of the Analysis
Prowess in handling the situation
Data Presentation

Contact Info :
Shri Harri V: 9962150846
Pydipati Praneeth Kumar: 9940356754


V8 or V12? In the world of cars do you dwell? Then hop on for an interesting session full of questionnaires! Flex your knowledge and exciting prizes!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-3, Mechanical and Automobile department
Platform: Google Forms, MS Teams
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 10am to 2pm

Round 1
- Round 1 is a technical Quiz conducted using google forms.
- The quiz comprises 20 questions based on Automobile engineering only. 
- Of this,10 -15 teams (depending on the number of participants) will be qualified for Round 2

(Duration: 15m)

Round 2
- Finals will be conducted on Microsoft teams 
- The number of teams in the finals will be decided on no of entries. 
- There will be 5 rounds in the Finals. 
- All the rounds will be Bounce and Pounce round. The questions will be asked in clockwise order. Bounced questions carry no negatives for incorrect answers. Pounced questions will carry negatives for incorrect answers.
- Team with most points to be declared as the winner. Tie breaker questions will be reserved in case of similar scores

(Duration: 3hrs)

- Every participant registered for this event should have a Team leader.
- 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of this round, every team leader will receive a Google form link to his/her registered email ID. 
- The team members can connect through zoom or meet or any means to communicate among each other. 
- There will be no proctoring. 
- Google form can be accessed only by the team leader through the registered email ID. 
- The form will have a timer and he/she must submit the form before the timer ends(+75 seconds given on the timer for this purpose)
- In case of ties, faster they finish they will get an advantage in the rankings.

Contact Info :
Mahalakshmi.R: 9080253876

Mystery Event

Do you live in the moment? Do you think you can venture into the unknown? Can you expect the unexpected? Join the Mystery Event and show the world what you're capable of.

Event type: Non Technical
Participation: Teams of 2-4, Any department
Platform: Discord, Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Docs
No. of Rounds: 3
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 2pm to 4pm

Event description:
● Unlike other Events, this event, as the name suggests, is one where you wouldn’t be privy to the event details and its related rules until 30 minutes before the commencement of the said event through a Zoom meeting/Discord link.
● No prerequisite knowledge of any sort of subject is required
● There’ll be 3 rounds, each having its own theme, rules, and events.
● No elimination rounds and the groups will be assessed on points obtained in each round
● Due to the lack of an elimination process, It goes without saying that there’s a maximum limit to the number of teams that can register for this event.
● Every participant is required to ensure stable internet connectivity for the entire duration of the event. If there are any connectivity problems, they can log in again. If the connectivity problem persists, the remaining teammate(s) can continue with the event.

Contact Info :
Abilash.S: 9500030999
Asher Sanjan: 9600105645
Christo Nitin: 8939048200