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Paper Presentation

The perfect place to showcase your Research work and creative innovations !! 
Send us your Research paper and Present your ideas to win this battle of innovation !

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-4, Any department 
Platform: Zoom/Google Meet
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 9am to 1pm

- Only a maximum of 4 authors and only student authors are allowed.
- It is not necessary that all authors must be from same institute. 
- The authors can present their paper individually or as a team during the final round.
- Plagiarism is not at all accepted. Only original research works are accepted.  - The papers with plagiarism won’t qualify for the second round.
- The paper must be in two columns IEEE format. This format must be strictly followed. To refer the iEEE standard, use the link below : esdk
- The paper submitted must be in .pdf format.

Any EEE domain specific
- Machines
- Power Systems
- Transmission and Distribution
- Control Systems
- Power Electronics
- Any other EEE related domains. 
Emerging Technologies 
- Internet of Things
- Machine Learning / Deep Learning
- Block chain
- Cloud Computing
- Computer Vision
- Natural Language processing
Any new innovations or inventions! 

Round 1
- The research paper should be submitted within the stipulated date to
- Mention the title of the paper, author’s names in the mail.
- The last date for paper submission is 15/01/2021.
- The research papers should follow the above rules mentioned.
- Any violation from that will lead to direct disqualification.
- The paper will be under review by a panel of judges.
- The panel will take into account the plagiarism Report of the Research papers for the selection process.
- The selected participants will be notified through mail. 

Round 2
The shortlisted participants will be provided with a Google meet/ zoom link. It is mandatory for the participants to prepare a powerpoint presentation to present their Research paper during the Final round.
- The Presentation will be followed by a Q & A session with the panel of judges. It is mandatory that the participants join on time.
- The time allotted for presentation and other important details will be shared with shortlisted participants beforehand
- If the event clashes with other event conducted during INVENTE 5.0, contact the Event Heads beforehand.
- The rules will be briefed for the participants when they join the online meeting.
- All the participants except the speaker will be requested to mute their audio and video.
- Participants kindly ensure that stable internet connectivity is available throughout the event.
- Get to know, how to screen share the powerpoint presentation in both zoom and Google meet.
- Evaluations of Round 1 and Round 2 will be consolidated.
- The panel of judge’s decision is final.

Contact Info :
Vinay Govias: 9003946366
Sridhar: 7010216383

Tech Quiz

Why do birds that sit on power lines don’t get electrocuted? What causes the humming noise in transformers? What is the underlying principle of induction motors? Why does a tubelight flicker? 
Do these questions ring a bell? Try your hands at our Technical Quiz, and work your brains through the fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-3, EEE or ECE department
Platform: Zoom
No. of Rounds: 3
Date/Time: R1,R2- Jan 22nd, 10am to 1pm
                R3 - Jan 23rd, 11am to 2pm

Basic Rules:
- League stage questions will not have any negative marking.
- In case of a tie at any stage of the contest, the tie breaker will be decided by the respective Quiz Masters and their decision will be final.
- In case a contestant has network issues in between, grace time will be given in accordance with their situation.
- Any disturbance from the participants side and unnecessary interruptions will not be entertained.  

Topics Explored:
Electrical Machines*
Digital Logic circuits
Circuit Theory
Digital Signal Processing*
Transforms and Partial Differential Equations*
Power Electronics
Control Systems*
Analogue Electronics
* - tie breaker and wild card entry topics. 

Wild Card Entry:
- The remaining 4 teams would be drilled with a rapid fire round, to select one team as a wild card entry to the ultimate showdown.
- The Wild Card entry will have one Quiz Master, and the participants will have to adhere to any element of surprise put forth by the quiz master. 

League Stage:
- With a duration of 30 minutes and total of 20 questions, the League stage promise to be a entertainer for all the Quiz Wizards.
- This stage will involve multiple right answer type questions too, watch out for it!!.
- Contestants will be asked to join a Zoom meeting, and will be assigned breakout rooms for their convenience to brainstorm the questions from the Google sheets and only one response from a team will be acknowledged.
- Every Breakout Room will have a invigilator to help the contestants and also to monitor whether the rules are abided by the respective teams.
- It is mandatory for every contestant to switch on their audio and video throughout the contest. 

- The 6 semi finalists will be put into two breakout rooms of 3 teams in each, with one Quiz Master.
- The two Quiz masters will test the mettle of every team and will nominate two teams for finals.
- Semi final stage is undisclosed so as to trigger the instinctive approach of the teams and the Quiz Masters govern is the final verdict. 

- For the ultimate showdown the finale will be a classic Pounce and Bounce with multiple Quiz Masters and multiple drills all very interactive and breezy contention to crown the champions. 
- The finale will take place via Zoom and all the participants must be make  sure their Internet connections is as seamless as possible. 

Contact Info :
Sree Mugi R: 7395997590
Dinesh Kumar R: 8668038506

Inventino 2021

Are you an all-rounder with out of the world ideas ? 
Then come one and let us challenge your knowledge and you can show what you are truly capable

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-2, Any department
Platform: GMeet/Zoom/Cisco WebX
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: R1- Jan 22nd, 9am to 10am
                    R2 - Jan 23rd, 9am to 11am

- The number of person per team can be from 1-2. Valid ID proofs, Laptop, Chargers, working webcam and other hardware equipments needed for completion of the competition is mandatory.
- Ensure to have a stable internet connection
- Basic knowledge of Microprocessors and Microcontrollers is needed
- Anyone in the participating team must have a microprocessor (Contact for any queries) 
- In case of tie-breaker, further evaluation will be done which will be specified during the time of event 

Round 1
Topic: Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
- The quiz will be timed
- Both marks and time of submission will be considered for evaluation
- No negative marking
- The questions will be a mix of MCQ’s
- Fill in the Blanks and code snippets
- Briefing will be given before the start of the event

(Duration: 1hr)

Round 1 Evaluation will be based upon:
Correct answers for MCQ.
Closeness of answers for Fill in the blanks.
Logic,Execution,Feasibility and Memory space for code snippet.

Round 2
- Participants should build a small innovation or simulate a idea to meet a particular need
- Participants has to reveal their idea in which they would opt to work
- There will be only one round of evaluation which is the final where participants showcase their innovation to the judging panel 

(Duration: 2hrs)

Round 2 Evaluation will be based upon:
Innovation Quotient
Relevance to statement chosen
Creativity and Scalability 

Contact Info :
Sai Prasanna K: 9600114763
Rahul M: 9952904899 


Are you the kind of person who speaks binary?
Do you like to play around with logic gates?
Are you enlightened by the HIGHs and LOWs of life?
Here we are with the best opportunity to fire up your neurons.
Fasten your seat belts ,cause the ride is gonna be an adventurous ONE.

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-2, Any department
Domain: Digital Logic Circuits
Platform: Zoom
Software Requirement: Matlab (any version)
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 1pm to 4pm

Round 1
- First round consist of 15 MCQ’s and modelling logic circuits for given output equations using a prior platform.
- First round will be an elimination round.

Round 2
- Reducing logical equations (using simulation) OR debugging logical circuit (with constraints in number of elements and wire connections).
- Design logical simulation for the given problem statement. 

Contact Info :
Ramakrishnan: 8111099259
Suruthi: 9659674345  


Are you an innovator, looking for a platform to showcase your talent? 
Do you have an idea that seems absurd to those around you?
Think no more, for this is the place where you get to prove your worth!
You cannot discover the ocean unless you have the courage to lose the sight of the shore!
Come! Innovate! Explore!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-5, Any department
Platform: Zoom/ GMeet/ Cisco WebX/ Discord
No. of Rounds: 4
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 9am to 4pm

i. Internet Of Things – IoT
ii. Crisis Response
iii. Smart Security
iv. Healthcare
v. Mobility
vi. E- Technologies
vii. Women Safety
viii. Open Innovation
If your idea doesn’t fall under the domains specified, don’t worry!! Put it on under Open Innovation and get a chance to feature as the winner!! 

 1. The number of members per team can be from minimum of 1 to maximum of 5.
2. Hackathon is open for all students of all college. People from different domains and different colleges may form a team
3. Valid ID proofs, Laptop, Chargers, working webcam and other hardware equipments needed for completion of the hackathon is mandatory.
4. There should be a hardware which could be accompanied by a software.(Contact for  further enquiries on this)
5. Ensure to have a stable internet connection
6. Participants are requested to stick on to the timelines for a seamless experience at  both ends
7. The judging will be based on their novelty, feasibility, innovation quotient, business  model and relevance to problem statement
8. Reviews will be done at each stage and credits secured will be considered for evaluation. 

Team Registration and domain selection has to be done. Submission of Abstract  Send your abstracts to the Mail ID :

Format for Sending Your Abstract:
Team Name:
Team Leader(SPOC):
Team Member Details: Name, Mail ID, Contact Number
Domain Chosen:
Problem Statement:
Share in the form of TeamName_Domain.pdf
Shortlisted Ideas from Phase 1 will move further. Shortlisted Teams will be shared the format for further rounds of evaluation. The date and time for the rounds will be communicated to the shortlisted teams.

1. Participants will be evaluated based on their work flow (Progress, Improvement,  Involvement by team members)
2. Participants are requested to submit the Technology Stack and other data related  to the project (Till the point they have completed)Format will be shared via Email

1. Participants should submit their working videos of the project and explain it in the same.
2. Format will be specified post event kick start
*Points gained in Preliminary and Secondary Evaluation will also be considered for result

Participants will have to pitch their project to a judging panelEach team will be given 20 minutes for presentation.
The projects may be evaluated on following criteria : 
a. Feasibility and User-friendliness
b. Relevance to Problem Statement and Novelty
c. Business plan and marketability
d. Impact on the society
e. Sustainability and Quality
f. Creativity and Scalability
- There will be a Dry Run (not for evaluation) before commencement of phase 4, for the participants to get used to the environment.
- If teams are tied with the same points, there will be a tie-breaker round, which will happen either before or after Phase 4
(Further details will be given during the process, if at all a tie occurs). 

Contact Info :
Sai Prashanth B: 7708475069
Santhoosh Aravind S: 9952046679 

Electronic Maze

The technical is not just the machinery. It is a disposition to life. Here is the perfect opportunity to show your technical greatness!!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-3, ECE and EEE department
Platform: Zoom
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 1pm to 4pm

Domains Covered:
- Basics of EEE
- Field theory
- Digial Logic Circuit
- Electronic devices
- Microprocessors
- Electrical Machines

Round 1
- First Round is a technical quiz conducted through online quizzing platforms
- The quiz comprises of 20 questions based on the subjects mentioned above
- The top six teams will be qualified to the next rounds
- Every team registered for this event must have a team leader
- The link for the online MCQ quiz will be sent to the team leader beforehand
- The team members can connect through any online platforms to discuss among themselves
There will be no proctoring for first round
- Quiz link can be accessed only through the registered e-mail id
- No extra time will be given. Negative markings are included for wrong answers 

(Duration: 15m)

Round 2
- The participants qualified for the second round will be given the zoom link on slot basis.
- The participants should turn on their audio and video
- Every participant must ensure stable internet connectivity throughout the event
- There are eight levels and correct answers will take the participants to next level
- There will be a time limit for each question
- The team leader should lock the answer on behalf of team mates
- If a volunteer suspects malpractice, the team will be disqualified
- The fastest team to reach any level will have an edge in case of ties

(Duration: 40m)

Contact Info :
Purushothaman.S: 8903535262
Swedhini. R: 9786301199 

IPL Bidding

Have you ever watched an IPL auction and wished you were there to bid for your favourite team? Well, here's your lucky chance to emulate how it feels like to be in an IPL auction. Participate in the IPL Bidding event to hone your cricketing knowledge and strategies.

Event type: Non Technical
Participation: Individual, Any department
Platform: Zoom
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 10am to 4pm

Round 1
- This will be a MCQ round covering questions related to cricket
- It is an elimination round
- Participants will be filtered according to their marks and 8 members will be  selected to the second round 

Round 2
- Auction will be conducted for selected participants

- Participants can bid and pick their players
- Every person will be provided with same bag amount
- Your team selection should follow all our criteria which we will give you
- Your team will be disqualified if you did not follow our given criteria

Every player has some points
- After the team selection ,points of all the players in your team will be added together
- Top two Teams with highest points will be considered as winners

Contact Info :
Akash Arumugam: 8300658810
Kaushik M: 8667040879 


All the world's a stage and all the men and women are merely players.
-William Shakespeare, As you Like It
Hola Cinephiles! All our feelings, mood,ambience,aura, tone and much more are influenced with the movies we watch. Here comes a relishing event to showcase your follow-ups in your cinematic knowledge..

Event type: Non Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-3, Any department
Platform: Zoom
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 10am to 1pm

Round 1
- Every registered team will receive a zoom link to participate in the prelims round. After getting into the room we will just note down the participants and general instructions will be given.
- The test link will be sent to all the participants wherein they will be asked to answer 30 MCQ within 15 min. The average score of the team is taken into account. After scrutinizing process is over, the teams with the highest score will be qualified to the next round

- In the event of a tie, there will be a TIE-BREAKER round where there will be a set of 10 questions (connections using pictures) carrying 2 points each. This round will be a buzzer round (i.e.) the team to answer first will get the points.
- The team with the highest points in this round (In the event of a tie) will bag the prize.

Round 2a
- Each team will be given a set of 6 audio clips (movie dialogues) which will be played through ZOOM.
- Six clips 
a. 3 Easy (2 points each)
b. 2 Medium (4 points each)
c. 1 Hard (6 points)
- Depending on the number of participants, Top teams will be sent to the next round.

(Duration: 1hr)

Round 2b
- Each team will be given a set of 5 questions (missing lyrics)
- Each question carries 2 points.
- The team with the highest points will be the WINNER.

(Duration: 1hr)

Contact Info :
Nivetha S M: 7558147366
Jayashree M: 8610186466