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Do you think you have what it takes to crack the infamous, mind boggling Enigma? Here’s your  platform to put your problem-solving skills to the test and crack your way into winning exciting  prizes! 

Event type:  Technical
Participation: Teams of 2, Any department 
Platform: Discord
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 9.00am to 10.30am

Round 1
• Proper quiz format - Questions are shown one after the other. 1 min for each  question, 20- 25 questions. Participants send the answers either as a Google Form or on Discord itself (yet to be decided)
• The top ‘n’ (depending on how many teams register) teams with highest scores  advance to the next round.
• Question types: Logical reasoning, puzzles, anagrams, visual connect, trivia

(Duration: 30 mins)

Round 2

• Participants join discord server and join their respective channels.
• Three to four stages to reach final clue and win the game. Answer obtained at a  particular stage will be the clue to crack the following stage and so on.
• The first team to finish all stages and crack the final answer,  wins. First clue/question will be shared at the same time.
• Teams discuss and send the answer in their respective text channel, next clue will be  shared then.
• Questions will be set such that it would take the participants 10-15 mins for each  question. Round 2 will have more technical questions of slightly higher difficulty. 

(Duration: 60mins)

Contact Info :
Hariharan S: 7397610345
Abhinav M: 9176031860 

Entertainment Quiz

If you’ve spent your time this lockdown getting hooked onto new TV shows, watching anime,  reading books, listening to music and discovering new fandoms, you’ve come to the right place.  Put your knowledge in the Entertainment field to the test and win exciting prizes!

Event type: Non Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-3, Any department
Platform: Discord
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 1pm to 4pm

Round 1
Participants will be grouped in different channels with a Quiz Master in  every channel. Participants may be asked to turn their videos on, volunteers will monitor for  malpractices.
● Questions will be asked by the quiz master. The questions will also be streamed in  discord.
● Answers will be collected through a google form.
● Participants may be on a conference call during the quiz, but only one response is  allowed per team, i.e. one google form submission per team.

(Duration: 60m)

Round 2
● Finals will be conducted on discord.
● The number of teams in the finals will be limited to 6.
● Teams will be asked to turn their videos on.
● There will be 3 rounds in the Finals.
● First Round is Bounce and Pounce round. The questions will be asked in clockwise  order. Bounced questions carry no negatives for incorrect answers. Pounced questions  will carry negatives for incorrect answers.
● The second Round is a themed round the participant is given the privilege to choose the  topic of the question. The order on the scoreboard will be followed for the questions.This round will implement “Stakes”. If the team is sure with the answer, they can take  a stake and answer it for +20/-20. Else, it can be answered for +10/-0 if the team is  unsure. Questions will not be passed.
● The third round is again a Bounce and Pounce Round, but will be conducted in the  reverse order. Rules similar to that of the first round to be followed.
● Team with most points to be declared as the winner. Tie breaker questions will be reserved in case of similar scores. 

(Duration: 100m)

∙ Every participant will be added to a discord server before the quiz. Participants will be  asked to join the running stream to view the questions. Issues can be brought up  personally to the QM through a personal message on discord.
∙ Every participant is required to ensure stable internet connectivity for the entire duration  of the quiz. If there are any connectivity problems, they can log in again. If the  connectivity problem persists, the remaining teammate(s) can continue with the quiz.
∙ All are required to switch on their videos and mute their audios.
∙ There should be only 1 submission per team. The team members may discuss answers  through a conference call or a mode of their own convenience.
∙ If any participant is found to engage in foul play, the entire team will be immediately  disqualified.
∙ There will be a total of 25 questions for prelims. Each question carries 1 mark. There is  no negative marking for wrong answers.
∙ There will be a total of 5 starred questions to settle ties if any. (If the tie persists, “First Mistake” will be considered [Team with the first mistake to be given lesser preference] In the  unlikely case of a tie still persisting, the earliest submission will be considered to break tie) 

Topics Covered:
Popular TV Series/fandoms
Video Games.

Contact Info :
Anirudh L: 91762 99446
Rohit Srinivas R G: 87545 48994  

E-Treasure Hunt

Get your gears moving and put on your thinking caps: It’s time for you to navigate your way through the map, by putting your knowledge on electronics and circuits to the test until you find the coveted X. Don’t let the map confuse you, because trust us, the Treasure is worth all the effort!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 2-3, ECE or EEE or BME department
Platform: Google Forms, Zoom
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 11am to 1pm

Round 1
- Round 1 is a technical Quiz conducted using google forms.
- The quiz comprises 20 questions based on 1st and 2nd year ECE syllabus.
- Of this, 5 or 6 teams (depending on the number of participants) will be qualified for Round 2.

- Every participant registered for this event should have a Team leader. 
- 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of this round, every team leader will receive a Google form link to his/her registered email ID. 
- The team members can connect through zoom or meet or any means to communicate among each other. 
There will be no proctoring. 
- Google form can be accessed only by the team leader through the registered email ID. 
- Duration of this round is 25 minutes. 
- Within this time, he/she should complete the quiz and submit it. No extra time will be given. 
- In case of ties, the team that finishes faster will get an advantage in the rankings.

(Duration: 25m)

Basics of Electronics,
Circuit Theory,
Boolean Algebra,
Reliable network  connection

Round 2
⦁  The participants qualified for the second round will be contesting in a game.
⦁  They will be given clues to gather components required for a certain circuit, and solve questions (ECE-related) along the way. Clues will be given to find the type of circuit as well.
⦁  Once both the components and circuit are found, they will be directed to an online simulator where participants are expected to build the circuit and simulate it.
⦁  The first team to show the output will be titled as the winner.

⦁  All the participants will receive a meeting link to the registered email ID. 
⦁  The exe file of the game will be sent to the team lead’s registered email-id.
⦁  The team leader is expected to share the output simulation screen to the organizer.
⦁  Duration of this round is 90 mins. 
⦁  The team which shows the output first will be declared as the winner. 

(Duration: 90m)

Contact Info :
Divya Seshadri M: 7338973878
Vignesh S: 90924 89776
Shwetha S: 9790950184

IPL Auction

Millions of fans are relying on YOU to pick the perfect IPL team that’s going to win the IPL for  them. Do you have what it takes to win their hearts?

Event type: Non Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-3, Any department
Platform: Zoom/Discord
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 9am to 12pm

Round 1
• Instructions will be provided in a Zoom meet.
• Participants will receive the meet link in good time before the round starts.
• Online quiz platform will be used.
• This round consists of 20 questions and the questions will be entirely on IPL.
• There will not be any online proctoring however there will be deduction in the score for  every wrong answer given.
• Few star questions will be added which will be given priority in case of any tie.
• Top 6 teams will advance to the auction.

(Duration: 30m)

Round 2
• The selected teams will be invited to a Discord Server
• Teammates can discuss with themselves within the voice channels provided for them and only the team leader should bid when the auction starts.
• Purse amount will be 80 crores and each team should pick 11 players.
•Criteria to be met: Playing 11: min. 3 Batsmen, min. 3 Bowlers, min. 1 Wicketkeeper, min. 1 All Rounder, max. 4 Foreigners.
• Points for the players will be given as per the data available based on 2020 performance  in DREAM 11.
• Top 2 teams with highest points will be awarded. 

(Duration: 150m)

Contact Info :
Pradeep Kumar M: 9677186412
Dhiganth Rao: 7358018549


Here’s your chance to put your skills in Multisim, ML and DL to the test as you race against the clock to find solutions to problem statements sent your way. Buckle up, the clock’s ticking!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-2, Any department
Platform: Google Form, Multisim, Discord
No. of Rounds: 3
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 10.30am to 1pm

Pre-requisites: Electronics, ML and DL

Round 1
• Every participant will be given a Discord link. They are requested to  log into it at least 5 minutes prior to the starting time.
• Every participant is required to ensure stable internet connectivity for the entire  duration of the quiz. If there are any connectivity problems, they can login again.
• All are required to switch on their videos and mute their audios.
• There will be a total of 20 questions per quiz based on the topics given above.Each  question carries 1 mark. There is no negative marking for wrong answers.
•The first set of quiz will test the participants skills on Electronics and the second set will test the participants skills on ML and DL
• There will be starred questions to settle ties if any.
• The link for the next quiz will be provided immediately. 

(Duration: 35m)

Round 2
- Qualifying participants will remain in the given Discord server
- This is a simulation round
Participants can leave the meeting if they want to for the next 35 mins. All participants will be required to login again after 40 minutes of starting time.
The participants will be requested to share their screen after the 40 min mark to judge their work in Multisim simulation
(Duration: 45m)
Round 3
• Qualifying participants will remain in the given Discord server.
• This is a coding round where the participants will be given problem statements in Machine learning.

The scoring will be based on:
1)Time taken to complete given tasks
2) Compile and Run time of code 
3) Technical aspect of Code
Participants are required to share their screen to show their output after the time limit .
(Duration: 60m)

Contact Info :
Dattuluri Rushitha: 97898 47029
Aishwarya Ponni P: 73389 35634  

Pitch It Please!

Having a product that exceeds expectations is not enough, you’ve got to convince the Sharks that  your product is worthy of investment. Here’s your platform to showcase your presentation skills  and put your knowledge of business and marketing strategy to the test. Remember, your life’s  work depends on this!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 2-3, Any department
Platform: Discord
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 1.30pm to 4pm

Round 1- Shark Tank
- All registered teams can choose a product/service of their choice to pitch to the investors.
- For the chosen product, prior to the event day, the participants should prepare a short video/audio (max. of 240s) in which they pitch in their idea. They can make use of PPT, simple illustrations or animations to aid their pitch.
- This video/audio presentation should be submitted by the team prior to the event day.
- On the event day this submission will be played followed by questions from the judges that should to be addressed by the participants.
- Teams will be judged on market analysis, finances, product/service analysis, marketing strategy, competition, investment proposal (how they convince investors to invest on their product) and overall presentation skills.
- Based on the presentation, teams will be shortlisted for Round 2 by the judges.

(Duration: 80mins)

Round 2
- Shortlisted teams will be given a product on spot by the judges along with required preparation time for the same.
- On completion of the preparation time, the teams must start pitching the given product directly to the investors(judges) and convince them. They will be given 5 minutes to do so.
- Participants can make use of posters, ppts, templates etc. to aid them pitch their product.
At the end of the pitch, there will be questions from the judges that should to - be addressed by the participants.
- Teams will be judged based on the marketing skills, taglines and jingles, creativity and clarity of presentation.
- Teams that best convinces the investors will be declared as winners. 

(Duration: 60 mins)

General Rules: 
- Submission deadlines and links shall be informed later to registered members.
- Every participant is required to ensure stable internet connectivity for the entire duration of the event. If the connectivity problem persists, the remaining teammate(s) can continue with the event. - All are required to switch on their videos during their presentations.
- If any participant is found to engage in foul play, the entire team will be immediately disqualified.
- Any issues or queries can be brought up personally to the organizers.

Contact Info :
Abirami Shankar: 9080854314
Lokesh Aditya Shankar: 9840652538


Ever wondered what it takes to get your poster on the wall? Go on the adventure with Think D to  unveil the very!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Individual, Any department
Platform: Google Meet, Testportal
No. of Rounds: 3
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 9am to 11.30am

Round 1
It is a MCQ round which will be conducted in an online quizzing platform  Testportal. The questions will be based on Shapes, Designs, Color Theory and Logical Reasoning.
• All the participants will be given general instructions in the WhatsApp group, that is formed, a week prior to the event. 
• Each participant will be given login credentials to the quiz.
• This round will not be online proctored. So different sets of questions will be  provided.
• There will be 15 questions with no negative marking.
• Messages will be sent to the shortlisted people. 

(Duration: 15m)

Round 2
The shortlisted students are supposed to choose a theme from the given 4-5 themes such as Restaurant, Dance, Music, etc. and connect it with a department theme FANDOM to design a poster. They will also be given a particular set of tools & shapes which is not meant to be edited. The one who comes out with the creative product design with these shapes and tools will be the finalists.
• The participants should work only on the mentioned software for the design purpose.
• The participants are requested not to edit or alter the given shapes.
• This round is online proctored through google meet. 
• Message will be sent to the shortlisted people.

(Duration: 45m)

Round 3
The finalists will be joining a google meet, where they will present their poster in front of the judges explaining different parts of the poster (title, logo, tagline, etc..). The one with the best creative product in terms of both design and pitch will be the winner.

(Duration: 10m/participant)

Contact Info :
Kavyasri R M: 7845999782
Akilandeshwari R: 9790780481

Data Utopia

Some fields of science turned our yesterday’s Science Fiction into today’s reality. Some of us might  even find our tomorrow in it. Backpack your tech skills and discover it for yourself with Data  Utopia!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-2, Any department
Platform: Zoom
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 9am to 11am

Round 1
Topic covered: Basics of Data Analysis, Graph interpretations, Statistics (Class 12) and Machine Learning.

1. One team member must share their screen before they start attempting the quiz. The videos and mics of all participants must be on until the quiz ends.
2. Only the member who shares the screen will be allowed to mark the answers  for the questions.
3. If the volunteer suspects malpractice, the team will be disqualified. 

(Duration: 20m)

General Description:
1. It is not necessary that all participants must be from the same institute.
2. Each registered (round 1)/shortlisted team (round 2) will be sent a scheduled zoom meet invite beforehand.
3. All the team members should have proper internet connection.
4. All the team members will have to keep their video and mic on throughout.

Round 2
1. Each team must keep their audio and video on. One member must share a  screen and the team members can discuss.
2. The Internet can be used only to find syntax for code.
3. In case of malpractice, the team will be disqualified.

(Duration: 1.5hrs)

Department specific dataset will be given
1. At the beginning, the volunteer will give each team a set of puzzles to solve. Each puzzle has the answer to the relationship between the parameters of the dataset.
2. Once a team solves the puzzles, the dataset (same dataset for all teams) will be  given to the team. The dataset will be technical in nature.
3. Using the answer to the puzzles as clues, each team must do exploratory  analysis on the dataset and come up with useful insights.
4. The access to the platform will be withdrawn after 1.5 hours.

Contact Info :
Rashmika B: 9790835243
S.Sandhiya: 9600059899

Junkyard Jumble

Shout out to everybody who likes movies and physics! Find yourself at the junkyard jumble to  make your way through the duo!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 2-3, Any department
Platform: Google Forms, Zoom
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 11.30am to 2.00pm

Round 1
15mins will be given to crack the physics concepts with aid of your favourite sci-fi movies
1. Discussion should happen only via zoom/google meet.
2. Use of the internet to find answers will be considered as malpractice and the team will be disqualified.
3. Only one member will be allowed to edit the Google Doc. Others can only view and discuss with the editor member.
4. If the volunteer suspects malpractice, the team will be disqualified. 

(Duration: 15m)

Topic covered:
Fundamental physics - 11th and 12th (Kinematics, Laws of motion, Ray Optics, Wave  Optics, EM Waves, Semiconductor physics etc.)

Round 2
1. Round 2 is a dumb charades round. The team can choose their actor.
2. The clues given will be questions. The actor should act and make his/her team understands the question.
3. The other members have to answer the question to score points.
4. The volunteer will send the question to the actor in private chat.
5. The team will be given a maximum of 6 questions. Out of which, 2 will be a department specific question (will be specified)
6. Teams have to answer as many questions as possible within the given time.

(Duration: 3m)

Contact Info :
Nethraa Sivakumar: 8939073910
Nitish Kumar: 7338707818

Paper Presentation

A ‘paper’ is the outcome of a research work done and the success it had. Here is an opportunity for you to pitch a paper of your interest.

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 1-4, ECE department
Platform: Google Meet, Zoom
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 9am to 1pm (Round 2)
Email ID to submit the abstract:
Last date to submit abstract: Jan 17, 12am (Round 1)

Event Rules:
❖ Only a maximum of 4 authors and only student authors allowed. It is not necessary that all  authors must be from same institute. 
❖ The paper must be sent through mail. The instructions are as follows:
• The subject must be the title of the paper.
• The paper must be in two columns IEEE format. This format must be strictly  followed.
• The paper length must be limited to pages.
• The paper must be in .pdf format.
• The body of the email should include- Name and Institute of participant (from  first author till the fourth one), Department and Year, Contact numbers, Email  addresses.
• The paper must be as an attachment to the mail.
❖ Plagiarism is a very serious consideration. Only original research works accepted.
❖ The paper must not have been presented and published elsewhere.
❖ Shortlisted papers will be called for presentation. 

Topic covered:
• Antenna Systems and its Applications
• Augmented Reality
• Cognitive Science
• Cybersecurity and its risk assessment techniques
• Deep Learning
• Emerging trends in Photonics
• Internet of Intelligent Things
• Internet of Things
• Machine Learning
• Machine Learning/ AI for networks
• Network Security and Blockchain Technology
• Optical Communication and Networks
• Robotics
• Signal and Image Processing
• Virtual Reality 

Round 1
❖ All the entries from various colleges will be evaluated and shortlisted by the chair and  secretary.
❖ Authors of shortlisted papers will be notified for the next round 3 days in prior. 

Round 2

❖ The selected participants will be provided with a google meet/zoom link. Theywill  be requested to login at least 5 minutes before the start of the event.
❖ All the participants except the speaker will be requested to mute their audio and  video.
❖ Every participant is required to ensure stable internet connectivity throughout the  event.
❖ In case of unstable internet connectivity, one can leave the meet and re-join, but  presence of first author is must for the entire stretch of the event.
❖ They will be explained about the event, panel of judges, judging criteria, and prizes.
❖ The Authors of the respective teams will be given 5 – 10 minutes to explain their  paper and present their idea to the panel of judges LIVE online during the time of  the event.
❖ The Panel of Judges will evaluate the presentation. The Judges can ask questions  regarding your paper during your presentation on their will.
❖ Evaluations of Round 1 and Round 2 will be consolidated.
❖ The team with the highest score will be declared as the “Best Student Presentation”.
❖ All participants shortlisted for Round 2 will be given participation certificates.

Contact Info :
Pooja S: 9791114323
Aaryan Siddharthan: 9952882211