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" A problem well stated is a problem half solved"
                                  -Charles Kettering

Well, we solved half the problem for you, how well are you gonna solve the rest?
Presenting, BUILD-A-THON, the key event of INVENTE 5.0
A test to see how much your problem-solving skills are going to cater to the betterment of the society. 
Psst, remember, the clock is ticking!!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Team of 1-4, Civil department
Platform: GMeet, Zoom
No. of Rounds: 3
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 10am to 3pm

Problem Statement: 5 problem statements will be given out of which the participant/team is required to choose any 1 statement and come up with a solution within the specified time limit.

The abstract should be submitted for the same.

General Instructions:
- It is not necessary that all participants must be from same institute.
- All the team members should have proper internet connection.
- Abstracts should be submitted on or before Jan 14, 8PM.
- The teams with the best abstracts will be shortlisted for the presentation of their idea.
- A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 people are allowed to form a team.
- Participants are required to make their own arrangements and are allowed to refer any material (including internet sources).
- Participants are supposed to present their idea after the selection of the first review (abstract selection).
- The presentation of the idea will be judged based on Innovation, Impact, Feasibility and Marketability.
- The second review will be conducted 4-5 days prior of the final presentation.
- Participants are requested to register their team and send in their abstract before the deadline using the form (will be provided soon).
- The final presentation should not exceed 15mins.

First Review:
- Teams are expected to submit an abstract of their idea.
- In this round, teams will be evaluated based on the innovative approach of their problem statement and the clarity.

Second Review:
- This review is a checkpoint to track the team’s progress.
- The reviewers will give their input and their thoughts on the team’s solution and changes if there are any.

Final Presentation:
- Teams are expected to implement the changes given in the previous review by the reviewers.
- In this round, teams will be evaluated based on their PPT presentation, ability to explain their idea and innovation in their solution.
- Teams which address the marketability of their idea will be awarded additional points.

The build-a-thon will follow a leader board system. The points awarded will be the cumulative points, gained by the team over the two reviews and the final presentation. The top team will be announced as the winner of the build-a-thon.

Decision taken by the review panel will be final.

Contact Info :
RajaRajan T: 8270246551
David Arunraj B: 8870787899

Paper Presentation

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn into an innovation.”
Believe it or not, presentation unleashes innovation and ignites inspiration because until and unless an idea is tested or questioned, it can’t be approved or accepted as an innovation we are offering you a forum to showcase your presentation skills and in depth knowledge of your research area in which your work will be weighed and evaluated by seasoned academic professionals

Event type: Technical
Participation: 3 per Team, Only Civil department 
Platform: Zoom/Google Meet
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 9am to 1pm

Round 1
- An abstract of (150 to 300 words ) has to be sent to the organizing team through mail(
- The selection criteria will be based on the uniqueness of the topic.
- All the entries from various colleges will be evaluated and shortlisted by the chair and secretary.
- Authors of shortlisted papers will be notified for the next round.

Topic/Domain: Advances in Civil Engineering

Round 2
- The selected participants will be provided with a google meet/ zoom link. They will be requested to login at least 5 minutes before the start of the event.
- All the participants except the speaker will be requested to mute their audio and video.
- Every participant is required to ensure stable internet connectivity throughout the event.
- In case of internet instability, one can leave the meet and re-join, but presence of first author is must for the entire stretch of the event.
- They will be explained about the event, panel of judges, judging criteria, and prizes.
- The first author will be then intimated to submit a video recording of their presentation time limited to 5 minutes. They will be provided an hour to submit their presentation.
- The panel will then evaluate the presentation. During the evaluation of presentation, the participants and the panel will be provided a zoom/google meet link. Once the panel finishes the evaluation of presentation, they can immediately shoot their questions to the authors of the corresponding presentation and assess them.
- Evaluations of Round 1 and Round 2 will be consolidated.
- The team with the highest score will be declared as the “Best Student Presentation”. 
- All participants shortlisted for Round 2 will be given participation certificates.

Contact Info :
Lakshmipriya R: 8870322812
Anne sherin: 9080257974
Nithila A: 8610109943


Hey you all, CADMasters! 
Here's a chance to get out of your own CADstations and unveil your design and drafting talent. 
Are you someone who plans like a pro when it comes to AutoCAD? 👀
Then join us online this January, to exhibit your design and drafting skills with our CAD-a-thon! 
Let your design rule the deCADe.

Event type: Technical
Participation: Individual, Any department
Platform: Zoom
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 12pm to 4pm

Round 1
- Participants will be asked to attempt a set of framed questions related to AutoCAD Design within a stipulated time.
- Top ‘n’ participants move to round 2.

(Duration: 1hr)

Round 2
- Proctoring method: Screen sharing and keeping the videos ON.
- Participants will be given a problem statement related to the event theme.
- They are expected to solve and design solutions for the given problem statement by following specific codes and specifications ( will be mentioned in the question and soft copies will be provided in the chatbox) within the stipulated time.
- In the end, presentation time of 15 mins will be given to each participant to explain his/her solution.
- The top 3 solutions will be awarded by the faculty in-charge.

(Duration: 1.5-2hrs)

Contact Info :
Vinothni S N: 8072392635
Supraja G: 8903294967
Rebekah Rubidha Lisha R: 7598651156

Just Add KLVs

Is guessing your biggest gesture?
Does finding connections relax your mind?
Then the right place would be this, to add your kelvis to guess and test your technical word skills!
Just add klvs and dig out your tech word bag!!!

Event type: Technical
Participation: Teams of 2, Any department
Platform: Google Meet
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 12pm to 4pm

Round 1: Connections
- Guess the word from the given pictures.
- Number of pictures depend upon the word.
- Number of questions to be answered- 3

Round 2: Word Rush
- Find the word in blanks.
- 3 clues will be given to guess the word.
- Participants will be given 2 points only if 2 clues are used. Incase if 3rd clue is used, final marks allocated will be 1.

Contact Info :
M.Vaishnavi: 93848 33800
Krishnapriya: 90435 07975
R.B. Yokesh: 80727 81778

Business Battle

“In business, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. Negotiations take place continuously at any stage of a project, and so, the ability of engineers and managers to effectively carry a negotiation is crucial for the success or failure of projects and businesses .We are providing you with a forum to showcase your negotiation skills and enhance your business acumen. Negotiate your way through each round to be the winner of BUSINESS BATTLE.

Event type:  Technical
Participation: Individual, Any department
Platform: Zoom
No. of Rounds: 3
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 9am to 12pm

Round 1
For reading: 10 minutes
For negotiation:15 minutes
- Participants will be paired up in such a way that one will be a buyer & other will be a seller.
- Each pair will be put into a breakout room and the negotiation will monitored by the event organiser.
- Most profitable dealer of each pair will advance to the next round.

Round 2
For reading: 20 minutes
For negotiation: 20 minutes
- Same as round 1.
- Finalists will be chosen based on the most profitable dealer of all pairs.

Round 3
For reading: 30 minutes
For negotiation: 30 minutes
- Best profitable dealer wins first place.

Instructions to be followed:
- A Role will be provided to you either as a BUYER or as a SELLER.
- Both will be provided with common & confidential information about your deal.
- Do not discuss your role with anyone before completing the negotiation.
- Read your role carefully in the given time so that you understand the facts before you begin negotiating.
- Act out your role. Do not say that “The role says that I am Supposed to do this”, Just Do It!
- You can add facts, but only if they DO NOT CHANGE any Facts in your role.

Contact Info :
Arulselvan S M: 9551428390
Haswanth V: 8939075445


The Q! in Quizhophile is about Quickness, Quirks and Quest for Quality Quizzing. We have piled our questions, are you ready to answer them?

Event type: Technical
Participation: Individual or Teams of 2, Any department
Platform: Zoom
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 10am to 12pm

Round 1

- 45 minutes test comprising of 40 questions will be given to each participant team.
- Teams that completes their test earlier will get bonus points.
- Teams with top scores at the end will be qualified to the next round.

Round 2 
- Selected participants must join the Zoom link shared.
- This round contains 10 questions.
- Each question will be screenshared and the first team to answer gets a point.
- Team with highest score will be declared as winners.

Contact Info :
Dhinagaran M: 9445782341
Sathish kumar P: 7200992757
Vishnu kumar S: 9094586495


Hey there, are you concerned about many crises the world faces and do you have a solution for those crises? Here is -EXTEMPORIZE...An event being launched at the INVENTE 5.0. This event is a platform for all the genius to showcase their quick-wit and problem-solving skills.

Event type:  Technical
Participation: Individual, Any department
Platform: Zoom
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 10am to 1pm

Round 1: Simply Pair
- Number of Images will be displayed in front of you with certain serial numbers on them.
- You have 10 secs to watch them carefully.
- You have 15 seconds to identify the pairs.
- Within the stipulated time based on your number of correct answers points will be awarded.
- The one with maximum points will go to the next round.

Round 2: Unscripted 
- Participant will be given a topic related to civil engineering.
- Maximum of 5 minutes will be awarded to the participant to prepare themselves.
- The one who best presents himself with correct answers will be the winner.
- Judges decision is final.

Contact Info :
Sushritha G: 7358559457
Yuvaraj K: 8056510940
Raghamalavika B: 7397442092

Take De-Bait

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of discussion—keeping your mouth shut to avoid the possibility of an uncomfortable confrontation? Have you ever felt like you know you’re right, but the other person doesn’t understand? 
use this place to improve your confidence, curiosity, critical thinking, and communication. Rise your voice and express your opinions. 
"Let your voice be heard and opinions be known."

Event type:  Technical
Participation: Teams of 2, Any department
Platform: Zoom
No. of Rounds: 2
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 9am to 1pm

- Two members per team
- First for affirmative Speaker: 3 minutes
- First against affirmative Speaker: 3 minutes
- Second for affirmative Speaker: 3 minutes
- Second against affirmative Speaker: 3 minutes
- Final rebuttal rounds (One from each team) : 2 minutes (protected time)
- Debate topics will be disclosed for the preliminary knockout round, 2 days before the start of the event to the participant teams registering online.
- Event Type: Online.
- Maximum no of persons per team: Two.
- Cross College teams (except SSN Students teams) are allowed.

Contact Info :
Priyadarshni Varma: 9600210411
Nandhini: 7904062581

Quarantine Shots

Photography is the art of making memories. The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it? Here, The Department of Civil Engineering invites you to participate in the online photography competition "Quarantine Shots".
So grab your camera, focus & hit the shutter button and get a chance to win exciting prizes.

Event type: Non Technical
Participation: Individual, Any department
Platform: Google Forms, Instagram
No. of Rounds: 1
Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 9am to 10am

- Participants must follow our Instagram page @ssn_ace.
- Based on likes on the Instagram post participants will be shortlisted.
- The shortlisted candidate’s winner will be decided by our jury.
- Jury's decision will be final.
- Colour enhancement, use of filters & editing is strictly not allowed.
- Entries must be original work of the participants.
- Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
- Photograph to be sent via mail ( after registration.
- ONLY ONE submission per participant is allowed.
- Last date for submission is January 15th,2021 
- The photograph must not represent any particular individual, organization or brand name and must not depict any religious theme.
- Submissions that do not abide with the rules will NOT be accepted and registration fee will not be refunded.

- Open theme contest.
- Both DSLR & Mobile pics accepted. 

Contact Info :
Hariraj M J: 6369862518
Rajkumar P: 9842446869
Jeyashree D: 7305606566

PES Titans

Bored in lockdown? Confused of what next? Dust up your boots , come On ground, show your might in the football battle - but Virtually -- * PES TITANS* - a tribute to Maradona

Event type: Non Technical
Participation: Individual, Any department
Platform: Google Forms, Instagram
No. of Rounds: 3
Date/Time: Jan 23rd, 1pm to 4pm

- Participants must follow the rules.
- Rules regarding the game and teams will be notified after registration.
- Participants will be separated into different polls and have to play against each other.
- The one who wins consecutively goes to the finals.

- 6 minutes per game
- Knockout tournament

Contact Info :
Mugesh A: 9655092102
Niranjan J: 8608418327